Concept of productivity

Douglas Basic Productivity Concepts: Nevertheless, the bias suggests that a system of periodically changing weights is preferable to the use of one set of fixed weights over a long period. If the inputs specifically are labor and capital, and the outputs are value added intermediate outputs, the measure is called total factor productivity or TFP.

In the s, extensive studies of labor productivity were undertaken by the National Research Project of the Works Progress Administration and by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The choice should therefore be made on the basis of relative availability of quantity data, or of value and associated price time series.

As such, organizations can monitor productivity for strategic reasons such as corporate planning, organization improvement, or comparison to competitors.

Historically, productivity has improved through evolution as processes with poor productivity performance are abandoned and newer forms are exploited. Like measures of output per labor-hour, non-labor productivity ratios also reflect general changes in productive efficiency, factor substitutions, and the weighting procedures used for the output and input components.

Denison has not used internal industry weights and therefore has included inter- industry shifts as one of the explanations of changes in the productivity residual.

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Theories, Concepts, And Practical Suggestions. That study was presented at the MABA Convention in Chicago and the application to business was so novel, the research was assigned to the topic category of "Experimental Living Arrangements" confirming its status as one of the pioneering OBM documented applications.

Organizational Behavior and Development. Saari ,10,16 Another labour productivity measure, output per worker, is often seen as a proper measure of labour productivity, as here: Organizations have many options for use of this formula, labor productivity, machine productivity, capital productivity, energy productivity, and so on.

In general, productivity specialists have not adjusted factor inputs for changes in the quality of the inputs within industries and sectors. Early estimates of multi-factor productivity in the United States were prepared by Ian Tinbergen inby George Stigler in for a manufacturing industry, by Barton and Cooper in for agriculture, and in the s by several investigators for the U.

For example, if I give you 5 apples and you give me 1 liter of apple juice, your productivity is 1 liter per 5 apples. It is not important whether inputs are adjusted for quality changes as a result of changes in mix or changes in average quality within various categories or whether quality changes show up instead in the productivity residual.

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With the technology we use today, we have unlimited information and unlimited accessibility. Hence the relationship between TFP and productivity remains unclear. Prior to attending Notre Dame, Wikoff, with University of Washington professors, Bob Kohlenberg Psychology and Terrance Mitchell Foster School of Business conducted one of the first controlled studies of applied behavior analysis in business; in this case, to improve Grocery Clerk performance.

Each of these variables except t is, of course, an aggregation of various components. To state the matter differently, the growth in real product over the given period indicates how much factor requirements would have increased with no productivity change, and the change in the ratio of real product to actual factor inputs provides a measure of the productivity growth that actually occurred.

For this reason, product prices for a base period are usually used as weights for combining quantities of various outputs, and base-period input prices are used as weights for inputs. The formula then for partial-factor productivity would be the ratio of total output to a single input or: Partial productivity measures are useful in showing the savings that have been achieved over time in the use of each input per unit of output.

It can also be measured in quantitative terms, which qualifies it as a variable. The Nature of Human Nature, Wiley, For example, total output could be expressed as the number of units produced, and total input could be expressed in dollars, such as tons of steel produced per dollar input.

Meaning and Measurement 39 reconciled with the economy-wide measures in which inter-industry sales and purchases of intermediate products cancel out.

For this reason GDP is systematically biased in favour of capital intensive production at the expense of knowledge and labour-intensive production. It is dominated by the process of photosynthesis which uses sunlight to synthesise organic molecules such as sugar Secondary production[ edit ] Secondary production is the generation of biomass of heterotrophic consumer organisms in a system.

Offering incentives for businesses to use clean, efficient and new technology to help increase output. I think of it this way: Another thing is that when people work on projects, there should be more of a tolerance for people working on their own.

GDP per capita is a rough measure of average living standards or economic well-being and is one of the core indicators of economic performance. The relationship of national product to factor costs, when expressed in constant product prices and constant factor prices, respectively, provides a measure of changes in the efficiency with which resources are used in production.

Read chapter Basic Productivity Concepts: Meaning and Measurement: Measurement and Interpretation of Productivity Login Register Cart Help. Measurement and Interpretation of Productivity () This chapter develops the concept of productivity more systematically within the framework of production theory, by means of empirical.

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read more. Productivity fell. Inthe organizational psychologist Matthew Davis reviewed more than a hundred studies about office environments. He found that.

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Concept of productivity
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