Twsbi 580 writing a letter

The Tripod Grip — A very good grip for fountain pens, it keeps the nib orientation perfect, and at a good degree angle to the paper. As the piston knob is rotating free, it cannot be tightened. Again, you can see the inner smoke grey cap that prevents the nib from drying.

The Diamond will suck in the ink from the filling hole which sits on the feed, just under the nib. I'm not saying no ink comes out - what I mean is, instead of the ink coming out nice and juicy, it comes out a little more dry. Have I dropped it on the floor to test this.

TWSBI Diamond 580AL

Again, I would not recommend posting the cap for the reasons I already pointed out. Check, check, and check again. This means that if you compare a Western fine nib to a Japanese fine nib, you will often find that the Japanese fine writes a lot finer. Add to that the tendency for low grade paper to exhibit feathering, bleedthrough, and other awful things and you have yourself a recipe for poor looking and feeling writing.

Now imagine a bright orange, dark red, or whatever. Just because your nib look perfectly level from that viewing angle does not mean it will write well at all. Nibs come in many, many different cuts: After a few minutes of writing, the nib runs a little dry. Feed needs to be primed with ink.

Also, some nibs are flatter, rounder, pointier, stubbier than others, also making the material behave differently and slightly altering the feeling. Thank you to Wonder Pens of Toronto for a quick and efficient delivery yet again.

I have several, which I use to take super close-up photos of nibs for Pentorium. After inking, writing is beautiful and smooth.

This is the same action of a springy nib, and after using one you will understand why it lends itself to a very different writing experience. Typical pens these days will work best with a medium flow, however flex pens should be avoided completely if you prefer a dry writing pen.

Also, you may find that in your slightly scratchy pen, changing inks helps with the feeling of the nib.

Review: TWSBI Diamond 580 clear (Piston Filling Fountain Pen)

But since I have never had cause to complain about their pens, and thus never had cause to use their customer service, I shall make no comment on either. It does not write worse than any of my Lamys. The cap top with the clip can be removed with a small Philips screw driver from the inside of the cap.

They were all very dry writers, skipped and ran out of ink halfway down a sheet of A4. Inside this cardboard box that has TWSBI's logo in red on the top, there is padding, and a clear plastic box that makes me think "demonstrator box" inside a plastic bag.

As said — and as you can see — even though my hands are a bit on the larger side, there is absolutely no need for me to post the cap. After inking, writing is beautiful and smooth. They are often desired by people who use a fountain pen to take notes, rather than write expressive characters, because of the consistent flow at any pressure.

The pen feels lightweight but not too light and it is well balanced. The Diamond AL is all those things. I can't say I'm too surprised as it is a pretty big nib. A nib with a dry flow will put out less ink with each stroke, typically resulting in a lighter, quicker drying line. Perfectly aligned tines will be dead straight and parallel with each other, but if one tine is off by even a fraction of a millimetre it can cause scratchiness, an extremely undesirable property.

For me personally, all three nibs are just exactly the perfect line thickness for me to write with, so I do not care too much about those finicky micrometers here. I have fine and 1.

It did not require any adjusting or tweaking or even rinsing. The broad, wet nib highlights many lovely features in several inks I used, such as the sheen and outlines of the inks.

TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain Pen – Clear

Neither of my s have cracked, and my is a hand pleaser. So if you're looking for more nib sizes, like a stub nib or even a gold nib, you can easily replace it with a Lamy's. It really shows off that ink.

Wing Sung 3008

W Western sizes are noticeably broader than J Japanese sizes. In a later post I will take you through the process behind fixing many simple problems with poorly writing pens.

TWSBI Diamond Writing Sample - mm Stub. A fantastic value from Pilot, the Metropolitan is a favorite first fountain pen.


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Twsbi 580 writing a letter
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TWSBI Diamond skipping and not writing.